Western Australia – Ireland

21st December, January, February, 15th March. Australian Summer! A lot of surfing, Emily is enjoying being in her habitat for a little while, Christmas in shorts. Life is good. Australia is such a huge country where it is very easy to lose the awareness of space when you’re travelling. Especially if you’re driving in a […]

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Para onde o Tempo foi – Europe 1987

Where’s the time gone? Looking back to our last trip through Europe and frequently we find ourselves making this question. Luckily, we have bits of frozen time in every picture which brings us back amazing memories, amazing people and amazing experiences. Here some photos, chronologically organised of almost 6 month of a nomadic life living […]

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Portugal, jardim à beira-mar plantado (poético!), aí tudo começou, mas desta vez saímos por terra em direcção à capital espanhola, sem intenções de a visitar. Estamos fartos da vida das grandes cidades, queremos vida de mato, habitat natural. Lillo, vila pacata nos arrabaldes de Madrid (cerca de 100Km a Sul): “bocadillos de jamón serrano y […]

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