P r o j e c t s

Portugal – Paving the way

Next season is coming up very soon. Summer and warm weather and time to get some work done. But Life is not only about work. We need some exercise. We need hobbies. That’s why we are keen to expand our skills in the air and in the water. Paragliding and Surfing are in our to do list, so we can live a cheap and fun lifestyle.

Mexican Cousin

Mexican Cousin is a dream coming true. The plan is to head to the other side of the Atlantic and meet a cousin, she lives in Puerto Escondido and her boyfriend is a kitesurfing instructor. The plan is to jump our asses out of airplanes, practice surfing, paragliding and learn how to kite surf. Sounds like a plan!

By this time, we will be running out of money, which means that we are also looking for a job.